Why you may need to consider an authorized dealer for your vehicle servicing

According to statistics, about 52% of car owners in Queensland service their cars at six months to one year interval. This is according to RACQ. This figure is considered worrying as car servicing is absolutely essential for both new and used cars. Servicing will eliminate unnecessary wear and tear, and will make your machine work at its optimal as well as make disappear the potential dangers that are associated with vehicles that are not mechanically sound. Besides this, the overall cost of fixing a car that broke down due to zero maintenance practices is generally high in comparison to the actual preventive maintenance costs. When it comes to new Mitsubishi vehicle servicing, what confuses most owners is whether it’s necessary they use an authorized car dealer for Mitsubishi or if any other dealer is just fine. This article lays down the major differences between the two.


New Mitsubishi vehicle dealers perform servicing as well as warranty work on vehicles. Additionally, new mistubishi lancer owners will get to benefit from the dealers access to complete service information, vital technical support, their access to the factory knowledge as well as the special tools required for fixing vehicles. Besides this, since most manufacturers today have electronic test equipment specific to their range of vehicles that are vital for interrogating the vehicles computer, finding intermittent faults as well as computer software upgrades, directly working with an authorized dealer will give you access to these as these equipment come expensive and most non dealers can’t afford them.

Genuine service parts

Using genuine parts is something every car owner should consider when thinking of replacing their car parts or upgrading their used Mitsubishi triton. This is because sometimes non genuine parts may fail to be compatible with your vehicle. Also, the quality of the parts matters as many non genuine parts are of poor quality. Therefore, even if the cost of non-genuine parts can be slightly lowered, in the long run, it’s worthwhile to invest in genuine parts, which are found only at an authorized dealer.

Warranty of the Vehicle

The law does not recognize goodwill assistance or servicing on out of warranty but will protect your new Mitsubishi vehicle warranty. A vehicle’s history is one of the determinant factors of whether the goodwill assistance can be granted or not. It’s unlikely that a manufacturer will support you if they do not see you supporting their dealer network. They will only support you as far as it’s legally required, which is warranty wise.

While the competition and consumer Act 2010 prevents the practice of exclusive dealing by lessening restrictions and conditions to the sale of goods that serve to restrict the freedom of a buyer, when it comes to choosing who to deal with, eventually you will be better off working with a dealer than a non dealer. Therefore, while the decision on which dealer to go with lies entirely on you, consider an authorized dealer for your new or used Mitsubishi triton Brisbane has. For more details, just visit