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The bullish trend in the automobile industry

There was a time when cars were considered as a luxury owned only by the rich. But, now cars have become a necessity and every class of population owns a car. For example, the Detroit Bureau reports that in March this year, the sales of cars rose by about 21%. Similarly, AP Eagers, who are the Auto dealers of New South Wales along with several other car dealers Brisbane market has today also reported that their half yearly profits rose by about 11% because of increased sales of cars.

Increased demand for cars:

The ever increasing demand for car highlights the importance of a car in this modern world. Even the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries has reported that sales of new cars increased by about 3.4% in the first half, and this trend is emphatically noted in areas like Victoria and NSW. As you know, popular manufacturers of cars have been introducing several new models of cars, the car dealers Brisbane wide are optimistic that the new models of cars will cause a further increase in the demand.

Cars on display in authorized showrooms:

The cars are on display in various showrooms of authorized car dealers Brisbane wide. The technicians of the authorized dealers will provide you every detail regarding the car. In fact, the sales crew of the authorized dealers will also assist you in buying a car that suits your requirements.

Market cars from several manufacturers:

Encouraged by the increased demand some of the authorized dealers have opened new sales, and service centers at various strategic locations in Australia. Some of the authorized dealers have obtained dealership from several manufacturers. These cars are on display at the authorized showrooms of the car dealer. See more at Scenic Motors

Importance of a test drive:

It would be interesting to note that according to a survey conducted by Maritz Research, the Detroit Free Press reports that nearly 11.4% of those who bought car during the year 2014 did not venture to go for a test drive of the car they shortlisted. But, before buying the car, it is appropriate that you test-drive the car so that you get the first-hand experience of the performance of the car.  You may take an appointment with the authorized car dealers for the test drive. The technician of the Beaudesert service departments accompanying you during the test drive will explain to you the various salient features provided in the car.

Exclusive service departments:

Apart from sales, the authorized dealers also undertake to service and repair cars of all makes and models. For this purpose, the authorized dealers have established an exclusive Beaudesert service department. The service department is equipped according to the standards prescribed by the manufacturers of the car. The technicians of the service department are sufficiently qualified, experienced and trained, and they are capable of undertaking repair and servicing cars of all models. The authorized dealers also supply genuine spare parts for all models of cars.

Warranty on every purchase:

In addition to marketing new cars, the authorized dealers also market used cars of all makes and models. In order to ensure that you get a fair deal, the technicians manning the car servicing special units make a fair assessment of the car that you are planning to buy.  Further, every spare part, including the used car that you buy comes with appropriate warranty.