Choosing Coverings for Your Ute: Canopies and Other Types

Thinking about accessorizing your new Ford Ute? There are a variety of models with a Ute body style. One good addition would be coverings such as a Ford Ranger canopy. In this way, you can maximize that good old rear tray other than just holding heavy packages.


Ford Ranger canopy



With models that are highly versatile and convenient, you can transform your sturdy Ute into something that is more personal and useful. Take heed of the tips below in what to do when choosing coverings.


Before anything else…


Utes are created with practicality in mind. Mostly, these vehicles are used for carrying big loads at the back. However, as with all other car models, these have its potential drawbacks in design.


First of all, the built-in tray at the rear is exposed to numerous elements such as the sun, wind, moisture, and dust. Furthermore, cargo on the open tray may get stolen easily. Nevertheless, you have covers for a quick solution to all of these problems.


Now, there are numerous options. For an efficient way to keep your load secured and protected, check out the following.




More often, canopies such as the Ford Ranger canopy are an ideal choice for first time Ute owners. Because of its highly flexible hauling work gear, this is sure handy for those who like carrying heavy packages and equipment. On the other hand, this can serve as a camping or recreational gear for family weekend getaways.


Designed for cab chassis and pick-ups, you have numerous options. From vinyl and traditional canvas to moulded fiberglass, as well as pressed steel models, these are created to suit all your needs. However, you must take note of your vehicle’s GVM to ensure that your ute can accommodate canopies as they vary in weight.




The Ford Ranger canopy in Australia is not your only option though. You also have other coverings like solid lids as an alternative. These have a hinged front and boot-lid rear. Commonly made from fiberglass, these are incredibly stylish. Moreover, these have a central locking feature that enhances security but they are more suitable for pick-ups.




Offering the same security level as the aforementioned, roll tops work the same way as a security window shutter or garage roll-a-door. Best utilized in pick-ups, as well. This is the style that is a standard fit for the Ford Ranger Wildtrak. However, the Ford Ranger canopy may do well too.




Tonneaus are remarkably still a great load cover for your car. Usually, made from materials such as rubberised nylon and canvas-style fabrics, these are easily detachable and rolled to accommodate taller loads.


However, tonneaus can easily deteriorate under harsh weather conditions. Even though it is waterproof, the paint can chaff away and the material withers from UV damage. So if you are frequently on the road, this may not be a good option. You do still have the Australian Ford Ranger canopy as a good replacement.


Tonneaus or coverings have evolved over time. As technology progresses, so are the features and capabilities of these handy car accessories. Nonetheless, it is your prerogative to choose whichever suits best for your Ute. Just remember to consider convenience and utility above price. For the best Australian Ford Ranger canopy, check out world-class suppliers of Ute lids and canopies like PJ’s 4×4. For more details, visit at