Lease a vehicle for business and enjoy several perks

On the website, you’re going to see plenty of commercial vehicles that you can hire for your business. From 4WDs to buses, there is an assortment of vehicles to choose from.


Now, you might be weighing your options between buying and leasing. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for a while, the second option offers several benefits that can help sweeten the deal. Why is leasing business vehicles a better option than simply buying straight from the manufacturer? Eliminate business risks Buying a truck would mean taking a good chunk out of your capital to fund the purchase. If you lease one, however, you may not even be required to put a down payment. Just pay the required lease amount.  Moreover, if you want to upgrade, you won’t need to spend a lot of time trying to sell the truck off. No huge investment you need to recoup either. With your business capital intact, you can afford to finance other more important business needs. Flexible lease terms You have the option to rent a vehicle for short-term or long-term needs. If you click One Way on the homepage, you will see that you can rent a single cab Ute, Hiace van, or a truck for as short as three days. You can also hire a vehicle from 1 to 5 years, depending on your business’ vehicle needs. In the event that you want to switch the rented vehicle for a different model, you don’t have to wait long to get it done. Of course, this will depend on the terms agreed upon. Guaranteed costs When you lease a vehicle, the associated expenses are known and fixed. That is, you know exactly what goes into the lease amount, how much you will pay every month, and when. With 1300 Truckhire, cost includes insurance, maintenance, registration, tyres and hire fees. This makes it easier to create a budget. Easy upgrade As previously mentioned, if you want to upgrade your truck, you can easily do so with a hire company once the contract is up. Before you renew the terms, switch to another vehicle. What if you want to upgrade during a contract? You have the option to rent another vehicle for a fixed term. Being able to acquire trucks as and when you need them allows you to compete for bigger contracts. What is even better is that you still get to enjoy tax benefits when you lease a car for your business. The amount may not be as big as when you purchase a vehicle for company use but considering you hardly invested anything initially, the tax return is a bonus. Lease a truck from 1300 Truckhire The company lets you enjoy all the benefits listed above and help reduce downtime as well. In the event that a truck for hire breaks down, you will be provided with an equivalent vehicle while the rental is under repair. For your business vehicle needs, visit


Things to Declutter Before You Make Your Move

One of the things that removals in Perth give you is an opportunity to take stock on your items and decide the ones that you need to proceed with as well as the ones that you need to leave behind. Unless you are a compulsive hoarder, everyone appreciates the opportunity to streamline and minimize their lives by throwing some items away or simply donating them to someone who needs it badly.

Carting off useless items to your new destination will just perpetuate hoarding mentality which leaves you with hordes of useless items which incessantly cost you more to haul away every time you move. If you are moving to a smaller house, the significance of decluttering will acquire a more than symbolic meaning as you will be forced to sift through your items and make the decision on what you will cart off and what you leave behind. You have to make the decision to declutter before you hire the company that offers the removals in Perth services. Here are some of the items that you could consider hoarding when making the move:

Multiple Items

It is natural to buy so many identical things in our consumerist culture. If you are doing your stock taking and you realize you have lots of identical things, it might be prudent to get rid of some of the excess. While it could seem a bit wasteful getting rid of items that are still in usable condition, it is equally wasteful to keep so many things that you don’t really need.

Something you haven’t used the whole year

If there is something that you haven’t used for more than a year, then you don’t really need it. That will be a perfect candidate for decluttering. These can include things such as kitchenware, bathroom accessories or even sporting equipment.

Something you haven’t worn for close to a year

If you don’t wear certain clothes for longer durations of time, there are chances you will not wear them at all. When you don’t wear things such as clothing for a long duration of time, you almost forget they are there. It is almost as it doesn’t exist. So why not donate it to charity or give to someone who needs it?

Furniture that is not functional

Like clothes and china and all the other shiny things in our homes, furniture pieces are some of those things that we sometimes buy on impulse even though it might not serve a particular useful function in the house. We just want to “fill” the house. If you have some redundant furniture piece in your house, consider giving it away or selling it in the junkyards.

Bathroom items that are past use-by date

This mainly applies to the cosmetic items. We like trying various new cosmetic products that we end up not fully using. If you can’t remember the last time you opened a cosmetic product that is in your bathroom, it is time to get rid of it.

Redundant paperwork, magazines and newspapers

Most of us have this queer habit of hoarding magazines, newspapers and various other unimportant documents that we have used in the past. There are important things that you can keep such as bank statements, or even tax returns but there are certain paperwork that simply serve no useful purpose.  The same applies to magazines and newspapers. If they are more than a month old and you have read them, there is really no use in keeping them.

Before you bring in the furniture removals in Perth, you can also consider decluttering the following:

·         Used pantry

·         Spent kitchenware such as plastic containers, bottles, cans etc

·         Broken items such as broken pottery, furniture, computers etc

·         Torn clothes that need some patching or mending