A Good Skoda Car Service

The Skoda started in the Czech Republic as far back as the 1890’s. The Skoda Car company was taken over in 2000 by the Volkswagen group. This transformed the Skoda, and has been progressively shifting “up market” ever since. The Skoda is now manufactured world wide, with factories in Europe, India and China. But it is possible to find a good skoda service in Australia.

Skoda Service

It is important that a skoda service includes the following. It has to be an authorized dealer. This means that all parts and accessories are compatible with a Skoda. The service will use the latest diagnostic testing equipment, as well as up to date technical information. All service staff are qualified to undertake this work and there is regular training to update skills and information. There is a full warranty guaranteed.

Specific Services

A skoda service can provide the following specific services:

Express and Early Bird Check In.

This can be set up by booking a service during work hours. This means anyone at work can leave their car to be serviced and then pick it up later. Check out Brisbane City Skoda

Replacement Vehicle

During the service, a replacement vehicle can be supplied. A copy of a full license is needed to cover insurance. A small fee can be paid as a waiver for any excess payable on an insurance. This is needed for the replacement vehicle. Please make sure any fuel used is replaced in the car when it is returned.

Tyre and Wheel Service

Compatible new and replacement tyres can be supplied that match each Skoda vehicle. Computerized wheel balancing is used.

Air Conditioning

This is an important feature in most modern motor vehicles. Filters, lubricants and refrigerant gases can be recharged and replaced. Not paying attention to the maintenance of an air conditioning system could lead to bad odors circulating in a vehicle along with a noisy and poor performance. Down the line there could be expensive repair costs to pay. Pressure testing can be used on all makes of vehicle to make sure that air and/or water is removed from any system. Refrigerant gases can also be recovered.

It is advisable to have any vehicle regularly maintained and serviced.

Available Skodas.

A buy skoda dealer will have a range of both new and used Skodas available. It is possible to buy a good range of new skoda cars from an authorized dealer. There a five models available, looking at three in particular:


A small compact city car. Looking specifically at the Fabia Ambition. This has a 1.2 litre turbocharged but energy efficient engine, which produces 77 Kw of power.


This is quite a compact sport model. Taking the 2015 Skoda Rapid Monte Carlo Spaceback DCG Hatchback as an example. This has 5 doors and 5 seats. It has a 1.4 four cylinder petrol engine with 7 speed automatic transmission.


This could be used as a family car or by a company. A number of safety features have been added to this vehicle. These include a multi collision brake and a electron stability control. The Octavia also incorporates a new 1.4 litre Volkswagen engine.

Therefore, it is possible to buy new skoda cars that do cover different needs backed up by a good service company.